Early Years | The Victoria Art Gallery
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School children taking part in an activity

Early Years

Young people learn through creativity. Explore our art sessions which develop children’s imagination, speaking and listening skills, their personal social and emotional development and their understanding of the world.

All About Me

Explore our pictures of people, dress up and make a mini self-portrait using card, pastels and collage. This activity supports personal, social and emotional development.

Animal Ark

Use a paper plate to create collage animals. Group them together to create a zoo or farm. Listen to an animal story and enjoy animals in our wooden ark. This activity supports understanding of the natural world.

Sharmanka Travelling Circus - Sessions from 25 February to 3 May 2019

Join us to watch a magical performance of the Sharmanka Mechanical Theatre made from recycled materials with music and special lighting. Use collage to create an animal character from the Sharmanka displays.

Book a 60 minute session on 01225 477757 or email us. Sessions cost £48 per group.