Victoria Art Gallery, Bath – Welcome to the Victoria Art Gallery

Your experiences

  • We visited this museum on our recent visit to Bath. Staff was warm and welcoming. The place is very well laid out and looked after. Great collection of artwork in a methodical manner. Me and my family loved it.

    Visitor from UK - Trip Advisor, 2016-06

  • Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of visiting Bath for the first time, and saw the Bloomsbury Interiors exhibit. It's a very interesting and rare collection of art works from 1914-1930, paintings, ceramics, textiles and furniture, many associated with the Omega Workshops. The various objects fascinate, so colourful, imaginative and often playful. It strikes one...

    Visitor from Sweden - TripAdvisor, 2016-07

  • The visiting exhibition was about the wonderfully creative artists, collectively known as the Bloomsbury Set; their decorative efforts with furniture, fabric, ceramics, rugs, paintings, murals and screens. It has been well curated and has lovely helpful volunteers. It's only £4 and well worth seeing before 4 September, when it closes. We didn't have time for the main gallery (which is FREE) but recommend it.

    Visitor from UK - TripAdvisor, 2016-07