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Portraits Quiz

All of the oil paintings in our collection can be seen on the wonderful Art UK website.

We have portraits of fascinating historical figures who lived, worked in, or visited Bath. Some of the best are displayed in Bath's Guildhall. You can enjoy them here.

We've put together a quiz about some of these remarkable people. Test your historical knowledge and maybe learn something new...

1. Henry VII
What was Henry VII’s eldest child called?

  • Katharine
  • Arthur
  • Henry
  • Margaret

2. William Pitt, Earl of Chatham
How long was Pitt Prime Minister for?

  • 2 years
  • 7 years
  • 13 years
  • 18 years

3. Major Charles Davis
Which of the following was Major Davis NOT known for?

  • Excavating the Roman Baths
  • Designing Bath’s Empire Hotel
  • Breeding tortoises
  • Having badly behaved dogs

4. Beau Nash
What attracted Nash to Bath?

  • The Roman remains
  • Gambling
  • Spa treatment for gout
  • The excellent food

5. Charles Pratt
Which area of London is named after Charles Pratt?

  • Chelsea
  • Lambeth
  • Paddington
  • Camden Town

6. Queen Charlotte
How many children did Queen Charlotte have?

  • 4
  • 9
  • 15
  • 18

7. Frederick, Prince of Wales
Frederick died young and never succeeded to the throne. Who became monarch instead?

  • George III
  • Queen Victoria
  • George II
  • William IV

8. William Pulteney, Earl of Bath
What is Pulteney famous for?

  • Archaeological discoveries in Bath
  • Building Bath’s Pulteney Bridge
  • Being Prime Minister for only 2 days
  • Building Bath’s Pulteney Street

9. General Wade
What DIDN’T Wade do?

  • Serve as Master of Ceremonies in Bath’s Assembly Rooms
  • Defeat Jacobite rebellions
  • Serve as MP for Bath
  • Mastermind road building schemes in Scotland

10. George III
Which of the following was NOT one of George III’s children?

  • William IV
  • Charlotte, Queen of Wurtemberg
  • Queen Victoria
  • George IV

Great work! Download the answers here to find out how many you got right.