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Grayson Perry

Image: Grayson Perry, Map of Days

In 2014 the Victoria Art Gallery acquired a print by Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry.

Through the generosity of the Art Fund and the Friends of the Victoria Art Gallery, Grayson Perry’s ‘Map of Days’ was secured for the gallery’s collection.

Rather than depicting the artist’s face, the portrait shows the inner workings of his mind, full of the preoccupations and pitfalls of modern life.

Perry said: “I’ve portrayed myself as a walled city. The wall, I suppose, in some ways represents my physical skin but at the same time it’s permeable. I absorb the influences and the ideas of the landscape I find myself in.  I am as much my baggage as the person holding the baggage.”

The work featured in a Channel Four television series entitled ‘Who Are You’ during October 2014. Perry turned his attention to identity as he created portraits from tapestries to sculptures and pots of diverse individuals who are all trying to define who they are.

Perry spent time with Britons facing a moment in their lives when they needed to define who they are, and then distilled his impressions of each of them into a portrait. Some of the sitters become miniatures, some large tapestries, some statues and, of course, some pots, but all of the works were shown in a special display alongside the portraits in the permanent collection of the National Portrait Gallery in London in October 2014.

The Victoria Art Gallery exhibited Perry’s suite of tapestries ‘The Vanity of Small Differences’ from 9 January – 10 April 2016. The exhibition turned out to be the most popular in the Gallery’s 116-year history. There was also a sell-out talk by Perry at the Assembly Rooms on 7 April 2016, attended by 500 people.

Perry will star in a new three-part series on Channel 4 called Grayson Perry: All Man in May 2016.