Get creative with Toulouse-Lautrec | The Victoria Art Gallery

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Get creative with Toulouse-Lautrec

Collage activity for Toulouse-Lautrec
Draw a dancing figure on plain paper, an interesting outline or a 'silhouette' and try out a rubbing technique. Your artwork can be made from materials that many of you will have at home!

Super silhouettes
Lots of artists use silhouettes and simple shadows in their work. Have a go at your own using coloured paper.

Dancing figure
Print off the template and create your own dancing figure inspired by our Toulouse-Lautrec exhibition. 

Print with polystyrene
Toulouse-Lautrec and his friends printed beautiful posters in Paris in the 1890s. You can recycle polystyrene from pizza packaging to make a printing block.

Jane Avril's snake
Toulouse-Lautrec painted a dancer called Jane Avril wearing a special dress, decorated with a long, 3D (pretend) snake. The artist used bright colours such as red, yellow and blue. Create your picture using paint or use felt pens.