William Rose: the Devil made the Cook | Events at The Victoria Art Gallery
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He Must Eat, William Rose

William Rose: the Devil made the Cook


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William Balthazar Rose’s vision, expressed in this series of extraordinary paintings inspired by the Cook, delves into the subconscious and mysterious. The ingredients are ironic and mystical, the impact disturbing and humorous.

Rose's work is an attempt to grapple with the of making two-dimensional images, finding truth in a creative voyage, and coming to grips with his circumstances and influences. The process involves the straightforward observation of nature and the invention of narratives from his imagination. This has led to a series of paintings known broadly as ‘Cooks’ - paintings which are humorous and at times terrifying. They represent a delving into the subconscious.

The artist, who is based in Bath, is known internationally; his patrons including Michel Roux, Jr. and Jeremy Clarkson. Most works will be for sale.