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Big Suffolk field, 2019

Kurt Jackson: Biodiversity


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The future survival of the planet’s fauna and flora is the zeitgeist, and the buzzword of this subject is biodiversity: the spectrum of life, the variety and range of different species of plant and animal to be found living in one place is referred to as the biodiversity of that location. It is used as a measure of how well or poorly natural life is coping, it is a mark of how ecological processes are faring.

Biodiversity will aim to make works in a number of different chosen locations reflecting their own specific biodiversity. Some will have a huge range of life forms, some will be barren, some will be dominated by nature, and some will be ‘man made’. The bird life might be visible, apparent but the various mosses are often less obvious. Insects are often subtly hidden but the trees are visible. Under the waters, on a mountain, in a street, what lives there?

With a series of paintings, sculptures and mixed media works this exhibition will aim to show what an amazingly biodiverse world we still live in and how this is changing. All these life forms have the same entitlement to live as we do and fundamentally they are all individually fascinating, extraordinary and beautiful organisms in their own right. By being aware of the life we share this planet with we can appreciate it and then conserve it.

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Download the Biodiversity resource pack here where you’ll find a variety of activities to try out.