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Robin Grey, Acrylic on canvas

Bath Society of Artists


The date for this event has passed. Please check What's on for current events.

Our summer ‘open’ exhibition is a box of delights, with over 300 dazzling paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures, all for sale. Any artist aged 18 or over may submit work for possible selection and winning of a prize. New for 2015 - there is a lottery of members’ work executed on postcards and displayed anonymously. Hidden amongst them are some ‘big name’ artists; buy a £1 ticket for a chance to win one of 100 unique originals. 

Bath Society of Artists 2015 winners

Bath Society of Art Prize - Lawrence Nash

Liz Hopkinson Prize for Sculpture - Patrick McGrath

Bath Society 110th-64_0.jpgMoney Wise Prize for Best Landscape - Kieran Naish

Bath Society of Artists Graphics Prize - Sarah Targett

Bristol Guild Prize - Guy Thomas
St Cuthbert’s Mill Watercolour Prize - Rita Smith
Rostra Gallery Prize - Alison Holdaway
Meltone Gallery Framing Prize - Anthony Pates
Ian Black Small Painting Prize - Deborah Feiler
J F Harris Prize - Sally Muir