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Henry VIII portrait
We have a portrait of Henry VIII in the collection at the Victoria Art Gallery. We think it was painted between 1537 and 1557. To easily copy a portrait in the Tudor times, the artist used a technique called pouncing. This is where little holes are made in the painting to make a join-thedots copy. Have a go at pouncing a portrait!

Autumn leaves
Create your own autumnal artwork using leaves inspired by ‘Hilly Wooded Landscape’ by Thomas Gainsborough. 

Under the Bridge
Have a look at “The Canal Bridge, Sydney Gardens” by John Nash, painted in 1927. Then have a go at making your own pop-up canal bridge. 

Mindful art activities
Have you ever been so engrossed in an activity that you have lost track of time, only concentrating on the activity? That could be described as a form of meditation .

Traditional meditation focusses on the body and breathing, emotions and thoughts.  By creating art and focussing only on the process and moment, we can have fun, and forget about the ‘end result’.  Try out these activities and you may find that you start to relax, and enjoy the movements your brush or pen makes, the mixing of colours and the making of marks.

Try out Sgrafitto
This activity is inspired by Grayson Perry's piece 'Posh Art' which is on display in our permanent collection. Grayson Perry uses a technique called 'sgraffito', or scratching. Learn how to do it on card!

Jane Austen's Bath
Have you got a Jane Austen novel on your book shelf? Why not give it a re-read and catch up with some information about her time living in Bath. View a selection of the images and stories behind the paintings that were on display in our 2015 exhibition.

Find the Artist wordsearch
Victoria Art Gallery has artworks by many different artists. See if you can find their names hidden in this wordsearch.

Artist Alphabet

E is for Eaves
Be inspired by John Eaves' colourful painting. Create your own artwork by looking around your house for colourful objects and patterns.

F is for Farington
Study Joseph Farington's art and learn all about perspective. Have a go at your own piece of art.

G is for Gillray
Have a look at this caricature by James Gillray. It is called “The Prince of Wales” and was drawn in 1802. Have a go at making your own for a puppet show!

H is for Hennell
Thomas Hennell has been described as the last great watercolourist of the English tradition. Take a look at his painting and create your own house collage.

I is for Inshaw
“The River Bank” shows a scene from Shakespeare's play Hamlet, where Ophelia is found drowned in a river.  We can see that the grass and plants close to Ophelia are messy and wild, but the gardens behind are neatly ordered and tidy, to mirror Ophelia’s journey to madness during the play. Use leaves to make your own piece of art.

J is for James
Discover the story behind Alice James' painting "Guinea Pig Jack", then have a go at solving some cockney rhyming slang.

K is for Kimball
Katharine Kimball was born in America but after studying in Britain she spent most of her life here, staying in Bath for the last 30 years of her life. Have a go at drawing a row of houses using perspective.

L is for Long
Have a look at an interesting piece of art by Richard Long. It is called “Africa Footprints” and was created in 1986. Have a go at making a piece of art using your hand prints and foot prints.