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Art Club videos

Watch our videos below to learn and have a go at our crafty activities!

Origami Snappy Goose
Create your own snappy goose inspired by The Watersplash painting.

Sophia's Cat
Design your own cat inspired by the painting of Sophia Dumergue.

Map Yourself
Create a map about yourself inspired by Map of Days by Grayson Perry.

Dragon Drawing
Learn how to draw a dragon in celebration of Chinese New Year.


Cock a Doodle Doo
Inspired by a painting in the collection by David de Coninck, have a go at drawing a colourful cockerel!

Beautiful Blooms
Create your own beautiful blooms using watercolour paints and felt pen.

Nature Sketchbook
Make a sketchbook to record the natural world around you inspired by Kurt Jackson's Biodiversity exhibition.


Nature Weaving
Try out weaving using sticks, string and leaves - inspired by Kurt Jackson's exhibition.

Flat Earth to Globe
Create a globe using a paper map.

Bug hotel
Have a go at making a bug hotel with items you can find at home.

Fingerprint World
Kurt Jackson's passion for nature and the environment are central to his work. Have a go at creating your own fingerprint world using paints.