Family events

Activities for children, ages 3 to 5

£4.00 per child in advance (with squash and biscuit). All children to be accompanied by an adult. To book call 01225 477233.

Go Quackers - discover our special painting of geese, make a duckling with a moving head and an Easter card. Thursday 10 April 10.30-11.30 and 2.00-3.00.

Flowers and bugs – study the creepy crawlies in the gallery and our painting of a special garden. Make fabulous flowers and butterflies. Thursday 29 May 10.30-11.30

Beside the seaside - make seaside scenes using rubbings and textures to get you in the summer holiday mood. Wednesday 30 July 10.30-11.30

Animals went in 2 x 2 - search for special animals with a magnifying glass, explore our Noah’s ark and make animal pictures. Wednesday 6 August 10.30-11.30

Fruit medley - explore the fruits of the season, make fruit and veg prints and fruity fridge magnets. Wednesday 13 August 10.30-11.30

Teddy bear’s picnic - bring your favourite cuddly toy along and discover pets from the past in our paintings. Make a spoon puppet. Wednesday 20 August 10.30-11.30


Activities for children, ages 6 to 11

£4.00 per child in advance. All children to be accompanied by an adult. To book call 01225 477233.

Down on the farm - explore our farmyard painting, create an animal picture and make a mini model farm. Friday 11 April 10.30-12.00 and 13.30-15.00

Window on the world - create a wonderful view through a window using mixed media and exploring our paintings for ideas. Friday 30 May 10.30-12.00

Life on the ocean wave - explore our boat pictures and build up a card boat collage using recycled materials. Friday 25 July 10.30-12.00

Dragonheart - explore our special exhibition, invent a mythical creature and print your design. Friday 1 August 10.30-12.00

Pop-up Pilu - find out about the most popular dog in the Gallery and make pop-ups.Friday 8 August 10.30-12.00

Colourwise - explore how artists use colour and create a mini colour collages using a variety of media including pastels. Friday 15 August, 10.30-12.00

Facetime - use pens and collage to create portraits of people and animals. Friday 22 August 10.30-12.00


Pre-booking is important as the sessions are very popular.

Image: Percy the Paintbrush